Training Christian leaders

CRU Camps are not only great at bringing people to faith, they are also excellent for building deeper faith, nurturing strong disciples and Christian leaders. They are a fertile ground for peer to peer evangelism as young people find it easier to invite their friends to a fun activity camp rather than to church.

Those who attend Christian camps are twice as likely to do daily devotions, attend church weekly, and take up a church leadership role. Furthermore, those who attend camp are three times more likely to say that God is the most important thing in their life (McCrindle 2013).

It is not only the campers who deepen and grow in their faith but Christian camps are also a vital training ground for those who serve as camp leaders. Each year, over 1,100 volunteer leaders are equipped for ministry on CRU Holiday and Day Camps and given opportunities to serve, discover and develop their spiritual gifts through practical Christian leadership training.

The Lake Mac Redevelopment will enable the expansion of this fruitful work so that 1.25 million young people will be reached with the Gospel message, discipled and trained as Christian leaders.