Gospel impact

The current climate of secularism and growing opposition to Christianity are major challenges to the advancement of the Gospel.

This Sunday around 95% of Aussie kids won’t attend church. Although the Australian population is increasing, church attendance is declining – down 48% over the last 40 years. Those who state they have no religion have increased by 269% over the last 40 years.

It is into this challenging social landscape that God’s strategic ministry through Crusaders seeks to boldly proclaim the Gospel. Crusaders’ ministry focuses on children and youth, which is highly strategic because an overwhelming 4 out of 5 Aussie Christians make their commitment to Christ before they turn 20.

In a world full of distractions, camps provide a place for young people to get away, consider the truths of the Gospel and make a decision about Jesus. For young people, research shows that conversations are the most influential factor in prompting them to think about religion. Christian camps create the ideal environment for kids and teens to ask questions about faith and receive compelling answers. Furthermore, they provide a unique environment where campers see Christ modeled by young, engaging leaders in the context of a caring camp community.

God uses CRU Camps powerfully to bring young people into His Kingdom. CRU Camps surveys show that 68% of campers are not believers before camp but after camp, 94% of campers said they grew in their faith or understanding of God at camp and with 12% of campers making a commitment to Christ on camp.

The more than 1 million children who will be reached with the Gospel at the new Lake Mac campsite will reap the unique benefits of camping ministry.

Stat Sources: McCrindle Research 2013 & 2017 and CRU Camp 2016 Surveys