November 2017 – February 2018

Project Updates

  1. Recent meetings with Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) have gone well which has meant that there has been significant progress with the Development Application. All referral responses from other consenting authorities have been received by LMCC and they are now able to prepare their briefing for the State Regional Planning Panel with a recommendation that the Development Application be approved.
  2. The project design team are diligently working to finalise all of the documentation for Stage 1 buildings by the end of the year.
  3. Praise God for stirring the hearts of His people to fund the vision of a new Lake Mac. Praise Him for already providing over 30% of the required funding for Stage 1 of the redevelopment.

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that LMCC’s briefing session with the State Regional Planning Panel goes smoothly in preparation for a positive outcome for our Development Application from the State Regional Planning Panel early next year.
  2. Continue to pray for the fundraising effort. Pray that supporters will catch the vision and give generously so that five times as many campers each year have the opportunity to encounter Christ.
  3. Thank God for raising up young people like Campbell (aged 16) who is bringing 5 of his school friends, most of whom do not regularly go to a church or youth group, to a sailing camp at Lake Mac this summer so that they will hear about Jesus and meet inspiring Christian leaders.