Vision and sacrifice

Crusaders has been blessed over the past 100 years by extraordinary sacrifice.

Dr Paul White, a former missionary to Africa, was driving with his family around the north of Sydney when they stopped at a derelict shop for a drink. Dr White heard someone coughing badly inside the shop, and went inside to help. Later, the man whom Dr White had helped told Dr White he had land at Galston Gorge to sell. As the founding Secretary of the Crusader Union, Dr White had a vision of permanent campsites for the Union and so he generously mortgaged his home to purchase the land, securing it for later development as a campsite.

In 1946, Dr White’s Senior Partner Dr Leslie Parr (pictured) was inspired by Dr White’s generosity. Dr Parr owned land that he thought would be useful to create a youth campsite where boys and girls could learn about Jesus. So, he sacrificially donated the parcel of land he owned on the shores of Lake Macquarie to Crusaders, so that this vision could become reality.

Dr Parr’s land is now the current Lake Mac campsite. Crusaders is immensely thankful to God for the sacrificial generosity of His people that has enabled so many years of Gospel ministry at Lake Mac.