The refreshed and reinvigorated Lake Mac will be able to accommodate 308 campers. This will create room to expand the vision of ministry at the site from the current site capacity of 120 campers. Cabins will include a variety of accommodation configurations to meet the needs of different camp guests including school, church and community groups. The majority of rooms will sleep six young people in bunk beds, whilst teacher and leaders’ accommodation will sleep two adults. There will also be rooms in each cabin which provide accessibility for those with special needs. All rooms will contain ensuite bathroom facilities to enable multiple groups to stay at the site at one time.

Each cabin will be positioned to take advantage of the beautiful lake views, helping to create a feeling of being “totally away” from all the regular daily distractions and routines. They will be arranged in small clusters to allow for multiple groups to use the site, whilst still maintaining a feeling of separation and exclusivity. Cabins will be built to last over 30 years using the latest construction methods and building materials.

View architectural plans for cabins below.