CRU Debentures

CRU Debentures (Series 7) are a loan to support the Lake Mac redevelopment which seeks to reach an extra 20,000 kids with the message of Jesus on camps each year!

Your CRU Debenture will enable you to:

  1. Earn a highly competitive interest rate, or choose to loan at low or no interest;
  2. Retain your capital and
  3. Reach thousands of more kids for Christ

To date, improvements to the Lake Mac campsite have been financed through gifts and pledges from CRU supporters, spread over 5 years, plus significant borrowings from a commercial funding institution.

By investing in Series 7 you will increase CRU’s capacity to pay down debt, which would otherwise need to be sourced from commercial funding facilities at higher interest rates, helping to reach more kids for Christ sooner.

The issue and management of CRU Debentures is governed by the CRU Board approved “Crusader Debentures Deed Poll”.

For more information download the “Series 7” Lake Mac Offer memorandum and the Deed Poll.

Alternatively, for more information please contact Anna Burke at or call 0400 279 213.